The Finger

Album: Die! Die Superhero! (2011)

Song: Die! Die Superhero!

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The Finger is and indie rock band located in Thessaloniki, Greece and it consists of 5 members : Hypnelia, Noukas Sotiris, Azas Sakis, Nick Ditsias, Andrew Haralanis.
All the members before the formation of the band, had already worked together in several projects, which resulted in a special chemistry and connection between them.
Sotiris Noukas was the sound engineer in Hypnelia's solo project and Sakis Azas was the guitarist. Sakis is also a permanent session guitarist in all of Noukas Sotiris projects and productions.
Through all these recordings and the endless hours they have spent together, they started to bond and form a strong friendship. This was the beginning of the formation of the band.
Their sound is deeply influenced by the British rock scene but individually their musical influences vary from trip hop to heavy metal sounds.
Their debut cd single "Die! Die Superhero!" was selfreleased on June,10th and distributed digitally worldwide by Interscope Digital Distribution.
The single resulted in a fast growing fan base and a big coverage by the press in Greece and worldwide.
They have already been featured in several magazines , websites and blogs. Some of them are Alt Noir, Niji Magazine, myspace (Greece) and many others.
Along with the buzz of the press,the single "Die! Die Superhero" has been given airplay by greek and international radio stations like amazing radio(UK), shock radio(UK), Wave fm 97,4 (Patra), Star fm 95,7 (Ioannina), Aktina Radio 104,7(Corfu),Best Smile 90,7 fm etc.
The band is also planning to start touring after the release of their debut album in September.

These are the places you can visit to stay informed about all The Finger news :!/TheFingerBand